Heritage Hunt Emergency Preparedness

Are you ready for whatever may strike you or our community?

Since September 11, 2001, Heritage Hunt has pursued initiatives to be ready to respond to man-made and natural disasters. These efforts are focused on minimizing resident injury and loss of life, as well as damage and destruction of property. The emphasis is on residents taking responsibility to be prepared for emergencies and reacting to them in responsible ways. Heritage Hunt is proud to have developed some of the best emergency preparedness community structures and activities in Northern Virginia.

  • Phone numbers to call in case of emergencies

  • RNA - Get Ready, Get Notified, Take Action - the guidelines for emergencies

  • Emergency Contact List for Printing

  • Cardiac Arrest Actions (CPR and AED)

  • Web sites which provide detailed preparedness guidelines

  • The Heritage Hunt Emergency Preparedness Plan

  • The Heritage Hunt Emergency Preparedness Information Kit: Available to residents at Clubhouse front desk

  • The Heritage Hunt Emergency Preparedness Task Force

  • The Heritage Hunt Emergency Notification System (t-Communicator)

  • Heritage Hunt Emergency Volunteers

  • How you can get involved helping the community to be prepared

  • Heritage Hunt Emergency Volunteers Planned Training Events

  • EPTF Meeting Notes
  • EPTF Meeting Agenda