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"I go to Nature to be soothed and healed and and to have my senses put in order."  John Burroughs.
Have you ever wondered what that bird is in your yard? 

If you have, or want to learn more about HH's feathered friends,  we welcome you to explore and satisfy your curiosity.  

To get you started you will find bird pictures according to color.

Just click and pick and the world of birds is at your finger tips.

Bird Identification Pictures

Red Gray
Black Green
Blue White
Brown Yellow

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If you would like to help us track the birds of Heritage Hunt, click the link below and enter your name, the date and put an x in the column for the birds that you have seen.  If you see a bird that is not on the list, contact Peggy.

Birds are Listed by Color

1 - Identify Bird from Identification Pictures
2 - Check Listing Color on Reporting Sheet Color Code
3 - Enter information on Count Reporting Sheet
See color tabs at bottom of sheet
Reporting Sheet Color Code
Count Reporting Sheet
Some Sheets Require Scrolling to the Right
to see all Species
Peggy Bruhn  x 5737   peggybruhn@comcast.net
Helen Ellis x1642  backyardboutique@aol.com
Brian Swanson x5220  bcswanson@comcast.net

Additional Resources
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